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This is a guest post from Carson Ding, who blog regularly about personal finance and investment at Since the begin.Get detailed information about Gold Futures including Price, Charts, Technical Analysis, Historical data, Reports and more.

This article analyses different viewpoints on how gold should be treated from an asset perspective.Perhaps my favorite take on gold investing comes from Warren Buffett, the iconic investor behind Berkshire Hathaway.

Gold can be a good diversification tool and an appropriate amount for most investor portfolios is around 5%.

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Earlier this week I shared an overview on safe haven investing across asset classes.Due to large government deficits, the federal government pumps more money into the economy as stimulation.

Welcome to, the free guide on how to invest in gold.Free independent research: investing in gold, junior mining stocks, silver stocks, and other precious metals investments.Investing in Gold Mutual Funds and ETFs The most common means of buying gold is either in bullion gold coins or through a bullion Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) such as the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD).Investing in gold is a sure hedge against inflation and the devaluing U.S. dollar. Buying in gold is the outlook today.Brits are investing in gold at unprecedented speeds to take advantage of its role as a safe haven in times of stress or events like Brexit.This site is utilizing 256-bit 256-bit SSL encryption certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible.

Capital Gold Group, a leader in the gold and precious metals market selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for more than fifteen years.Guide on Gold Investment, Self Directed IRAs and How to Rollover Your Gold IRA.The chart below shows Gold priced in US Dollars from 1973 to the present.Now the Treasury Department is maneuvering to avoid a default until Congress acts.Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of investing in gold mining stocks and how to make the most prudent investments possible.

Investing in gold usually means long term investing for five to ten years or more.Learn about the pros and cons of investing in gold bars, gold mines, gold stocks and gold funds.

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The chart is intuitive yet powerful, offering users multiple chart types including candlesticks.Gold is the investment that people are more confused about than any other.

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This video is a brief but detailed look at investing in Gold.

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With the World Gold Council (WGC) aggressively marketing social and religious functions as gold buying.

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However, the more money that is created, the lower its value.In times of crisis, people seek the safe haven of investing in gold and silver.We look beyond the short-term performance and evaluate prospects for the precious metal in 2017.In this video, he talks about how to approach investing in mining companies and if they perform better than owning physical metals.But the desire to obtain or hold on to gold can also potentially distract from the desire and energy to produce better goods and services.If you are considering making a gold investment, why not turn to the number one expert on precious metals investing to guide you through the process.

This information about gold flows is critical to understanding what will happen next to the price of gold.

Before I started to invest in gold, I used to just save my money in the bank, like most people.

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