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Even though a futures contract is physically deliverable, most positions are closed.Obviously, especially if they move in for long-term investments through buying mines, etc.They frequently wear their class jackets to boston bars, strutting and acting like they own the joint.

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A trader buys or sells a crude oil contract according to this type of quotation.In backward markets, you try to dump your storage, go short and buy the back of the curve and hope to god that the curve flattens.

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Good book on oil and gas and written by an ex physical trader.

They might understand the global economics that impact WTI pricing and take a position based on that.Marketing commodities, they produce, store and transport these globally (trade them). Ok, I see.I know both take about three years to become a trader, but is it about the same once you go through that.

If you buy 15k wmt of mineral in Chile and then line up three different smelters in Asia for 5k wmt clips, you pocket this freight differential.There is approx. 17 BCF of wet gas and 13-14 BCF of dry gas produced in Canada.

Brent Crude frequently finds its way to the refineries in the Eastern coast of Canada.Your company will use the futures contracts to hedge the physical, hence the exchange.All you would have to do is buy WTI and sell Brent as hedges, then unwind those hedges when your physical cargo prices in.They also invest in and build storage capacity which they use in their operations or can rent out.So for instance, if your company buys physical sugar and has to ship it to your location from the field or wherever, you will want to hedge it so that you minimize the risk of the price fluctuating while the sugar is being transported.

Thanks You can trade the WTI-Brent as a product in itself, its on the ICE.

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So you can imagine that most leveraged metals houses were bucket shops.

Cash-Futures convergence strategies, not limited to the contango.I guess what I am looking for is more information on storage and pipelines operations and flow of natural gas.Search for more Physical Oil Trader jobs in London, United Kingdom and other Middle East.As far as the decrease in the number of traders, it probably goes back to technological change and a lesser need for personnel across the board.We manage physical trading from the point of production. About Us Overview Freepoint.

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Oil traders and analysts anticipate that heavy-light crude differentials are likely to narrow.The move by traders into physical assets was also driven by several simultaneous developments.But, that relationship seems to keep getting destroyed as energy becomes more of a mainstream asset class.The article was simply pointing out that paper traders no longer require extensive experience on the physical side.

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Here in the US, most folks pay more attention to West Texas Intermediate (WTI.

Physical trading You are here. A comparison between physical trading of goods and trading them on a financial market.

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I was wondering if this would be enough for an MBA application in 3 years time for the top US institutions (Harvard, Sloan, Wharton, Stanford etc.), especially.It most likely will never happen, as the US is still one of the biggest crude oil user and importer in the world.Primarily focused on physical oil trading, the traders are in constant touch with oil markets across the world.

This means they have a lot of assets to trade around and have access to a lot of information.This is done by forging relationships with counter-parties in order to gain information that others do not have. 2. Specifications: Although physicals are commodities, buyers can often vary in what specifications they are willing to accept and sellers vary in what they can offer.Commodities are real goods used for real purposes that require reaching real destinations.Learn How To Trade Crude Oil in 5 Steps. with industry players taking positions to offset physical exposure while hedge.There are a lot of Saharan blends, Russian blends and South American crudes that find their way into the US.